Waypoint Homes Community provide simplicity and efficiency. Our self-showing applications provide the optimal resident experience, offering a quick and seamless way to view your requested home at your own convenience. Securely submit your application to any one of our available homes as well!
How To: Schedule a Self-Showing & Apply for a Home
1. First, find the community you're interested in! You can do this by clicking the button below > selecting your state > then selecting the community of your choice.
2. Once you find the community of your choice, select the option on the right side of the community's page to "See Available Units!" This link will direct you to the main Waypoint Homes search portal.
3. From the main Waypoint Homes search portal (shown below), you can view all available homes for your community! Simply select the unit you're interested in and choose the option to schedule a self-showing OR apply for the home!
search portal